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This is an exclusive Web Service & Marketing company.
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James Racine


Even though we have numerous staff available to care for all our members, I still like to get involved personally with helping several of our members and overseeing all the day to day operations in the business to ensure each member is receiving top level service.

Who Are We?

We are an exclusive web service and marketing company who specialize in custom web and marketing solutions.

Our team is small but we have over 50 years combined experience in the industry and each of our members have a proven track record of getting results for members.

We are proud to be a small team because it allows us to only hire the top performers in the industry and only take on a select number of members each year. This way we can guarantee your business will get the dedication it deserves.

Over the years, we have worked behind the scenes with many large companies in a wide range of industries - in many cases we have brought their websites to the top of Google, tripled their lead volume and solidified them online as industry leaders in their field.

Our Services

We offer a suite of custom services and solutions that we have developed over the years that cover everything a growing business needs to build their web presence online and improve their brand effectiveness.

While we have a bunch of those services listed here it's not an all inclusive list. We can also provide additional concierge services to meet any extra needs you may have in regards to marketing or growing your business.

This is a unique approach you won't see elsewhere. Other web companies are often faceless corporations with more clients than they can keep track of. This usually results in clients getting crammed into cookie-cutter style service plans and only getting the bare minimum amount of time and attention from their "account rep" so the web company can keep their profits high.

The bottom line is that you matter to us. We choose to remain a small company so we can offer you all the time you need to effectively grow your business. We work with you, creating and executing custom marketing plans to suit your needs and very often going above and beyond the call of duty day and night to ensure your unique needs are met.

Our Services Include:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Print & Web Graphic Design
  • Fully Managed Business Class Hosting
  • Email Autoresponder Software & Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production
  • Product / Business Launch Sequencing
  • Marketing Consultations & In-House Training

Some Industries We Specialize In:

  • Medical / Cosmetic Surgery
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Landscaping
  • Retail Stores
  • Construction / Property Development
  • Restaurants
  • Web Startups


We're certainly not the cheapest option available and we don't "price match". But our prices are truly the best in the industry when you consider the value you're getting as described in the Services section and the fact that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our pricing is determined on a case by case basis. We only accept members that meet our specific criteria and we feel we could genuinely help with our dedication and unique approach.

Unlike other web companies out there, we don't take on EVERY client that comes knocking at our door. And because every business is different, we don't make unrealistic generalized promises or try to fit everyone into one-size-fits-all price.

However, for the sake of not wasting your time or ours - please do not apply for membership if you feel you have less than $5,000 to invest in a new website and/or $2,000/mo to put towards your ongoing marketing and SEO (in addition to any budget you may have for online ads).

Samples Of Our Work

On the right you can see some samples of the results we have produced for members...

The top two graphs represent the improvement in search engine rankings over a period of several months for 2 different members.

The bottom graphics represents improvement in lead volume a single client had over a period of several months. As you can see there was a 400% increase in lead volume from March to November.

Given the nature of our elite services it would not be fair to our existing members to broadcast them as being our clients as it would essentially only serve to inform their competitors what their "secret weapon" is.

If your application is approved we will reach out to you and provide you with all the samples and information you need before you make the final decision to go with our services.

We realize that this may upset some people that would prefer to see samples before filling out a contact form. But, if we were getting you amazing results such as tripling your lead volume and getting top positions in Google would you really want us potentially telling all your competitors that we're the ones getting those results for you and that we could just as easily do it for them too?

Our guess is probably not.

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